Born 1985 I am a contemporary photographic artist living and working near Nashville, TN. Aside from an apprenticeship in photography and print making I am predominately self taught. Beginning my career working as a freelance commercial photographer I worked with several magazines and dozens of restaurants mainly shooting food advertisements. While my early career was successful it would be brief. I had no connection with my work and felt like I wasn’t really creating anything. Deciding to drop everything I left the commercial world behind to pursue a more creative path with fine art photography. Since then I have developed new methods and techniques for producing photographs that allow me to explore my thoughts and imagination in a surreal and dreamlike way.


I have always had a great fascination with the camera.  It has the unique ability to capture and preserve a moment in time precisely the way it was, no other artistic medium can truly do this with the same sense of honesty that photography can.  At the same time I have always felt somewhat claustrophobic with photography, confined to the view finder, forced to simply document the world around me.  In my earlier life I painted and I feel in love with the ability to express my thoughts onto a canvas with no restrictions.  Wanting to produce photographs with that same level of freedom I have decided to focus on creating what is portrayed to the camera.  Turning my attention to subject creation rather than subject documentation has proved to be very liberating.  I find that by creating and controlling what is displayed to the camera I am able to escape the viewfinder and create deeply personal images from imagination and memory.   Rather than analyze the physical world, I use photography to explore the interior landscape of the mind.  The photographs I create are each an individual representation of a thought, dream or memory, some real some only fantasies.

All of my work is strictly photographic in nature.  It is created honestly using self developed photographic techniques which I prefer to keep to myself.  The images are photographs and there are no other mediums involved their production.  It is very important to me to create my photographs honestly as I believe it gives my work a more organic feel and provides a sense of integrity.  When you are viewing one of my photographs you know that you are viewing something that was a physically there for a moment in time.



2015 Nashville Tiny Gallery
2014 The Fountain Gallery, New York, NY
2013 The Story of the Creative, New York, NY
2011 Unmasking Mental Illness Art Benefit, Nashville, TN
2011 “Feastival East”, Nashville TN
2010 Masterpanels Gallery, Nolensville, TN
2010 Tennessee Art Commission’s Metro Art Gallery, Nashville TN

Publications – Press

2015 Float Photo Magazine – Portfolio Feature
2015 Monovisions Magazine – Interview
2015 Adore Chroma Magazine – Issue # 6
2014 The Photo Impressionism Project – Interview
2014 Adore Noir Magazine – Annual Portfolio Issue
2013 Hashtag Photography Magazine – Issue #7
2013 Nashville Arts Magazine – January Issue
2012 LensWork Magazine – Issue #102

Awards – Recognition

2014 3rd Place Annual Portfolio Contest – Adore Noir Magazine
2014 Editors Choice Award – Hotshoe.org
2014 Editors Choice – Featured on Freshly Pressed – WordPress.com
2013 Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards
2013 Tumblr Radar Featured Artist –  “Full On”
2013 Tumblr Radar Featured Artist –  “Sweet Anjou Pear With A Spider On It”
2013 Featured Artist – Southgate Brands, “The Art of Discovery”


2008-2010 Apprenticeship – Fine Art Photography and Print Making